Zigbee Network Graph (beta) Unknown Device - 0000?

Platform Version :
Hardware Version : C-8

This unknown device " 0000 " pops up sometimes.
Also noticed that if you close the window Zigbee Network Graph window
It will "start over showing just a few devices" and over time if you keep the window open
if will finally show all devices < this takes a very long time. ( over night ) ?

  1. Wondering if this is normal ? that it takes a long time to populate ?
  2. What is this "0000" device ?



Yes and yes. Except it will never fully populate.

Because of the data source it uses, the Zigbee network graph doesn't ever give a full, accurate picture of your Zigbee network. In general, don't worry about anything you see there.


0000 is the network coordinator role. This role is fulfilled by the hub so you are basically seeing the hub physical address and a logical address.

But the chart does not actually represent your Zigbee network so donโ€™t basevany troubleshooting on it.

Ok .. Thanks guys :slight_smile: