Zigbee mesh during device being off

I am just starting my home automation. I have just bought few Tradfri outlets and have a few Sengled bulbs at the moment. My question is that will the Tradfri outlet continue to service the mesh, and allow the hub to learn and optimize mesh via it, even if the Tradfri outlet is in off mode?

On a similar note, if my Sengled bulbs are in off mode from hub, will the hub still try to optimize their route, or do I need to keep all house device in On mode for the mesh to develop?

Lastly, what is the impact to mesh, if my bulbs are physically turned off (from dumb switch) for some durations every day?



No impact, because Sengled bulbs do not work as zigbee routers/repeaters. If they were another brand of bulb, the mesh would be very unstable. Similarly, I would caution you against unplugging your Tradfri outlets, or moving them around frequently.


Thank you! If in future if I need to move to new house, what is the best practice? I move the devices to new house and will the mesh slowly relearn routes? Or do I need to reset the mesh somehow for best routing?

Zigbee devices will relearn routes very quickly.

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