Zigbee LED Lightstrip

I have a motion sensor in my bathroom which turns the lights on (turns off 2 mins after inactivity) - all works well.

However, the wife is moaning that when she goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night she doesn't want the light to come on (as she loses her night vision on the walk back to bed). The lights i have are NOT dimmable, so I cannot reduce the brightness. However I've decided to implement an LED strip which would provide just enough light for her.

My question is - can someone point me to a relatively inexpensive Zigbee LED lightstrip that I can connect direct to my HE hub. I'm UK based and need to be able to buy it here in the UK if possible.

Thank you

I've had good luck with the Gledopto RGB-CCT, which appears to be in the UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/GLEDOPTO-Controller-Compatible-DC12-24V-Required/dp/B07R32CS17/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Gledopto&qid=1607647826&sr=8-4

There are a number of models, so you'd have to pick one that suits whatever lightstrip you got. More of a diy solution than you were looking for i think.


There is a nice, relatively short, GLEDOPTO ZigBee model that is powered by USB. So it can be readily powered anywhere or even use a battery pack of you have no useful outlets. It is also RGB-CCT.

I actually just ordered one of these to try.

I read there may be a reversal of the C and W outputs compared to the driver but thought I would give it a whirl.

...and Lidl have a 2m zigbee strip for Β£14.99 which works with Hubitat

I recently bought two of these:
They pair easily and work just fine. Only issue is the sticky thing in the back is very weak, so I used some other tape to stick them to the wall.
I use it just for colour temperature, since I think the RGB colours don't look very nice, but I believe for what you need it would be perfect

If you’re looking just for a controller I have two of these. They work well being half the size and price of the full Gledopto versions.

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I have a very cheap & very reliable solution, been using for over a year. Get any 4 or 5 wire LED strip(RGB or RGBW) and use a H801 wifi controller, with firmware and drivers from ericm

rock solid and lots of options, and unlike zigbee Never has fallen off, not 1 single time