Zigbee devices getting added by itself

I've been noticing "stray" zigbee devices showing up in my devices list. Not sure what these devices are, but they show up as "Device, System Source, unknown status". These seem to join around 4-5 am. Also, I've had to re-pair my Xiaomi devices twice since I updated to It seems to have stabilized now, but not sure what's going on with the Zigbee network with these unknown devices showing up.

I've had that too. The topic came up before and I 'thought' that it was stated somewhere that it might be phantom device that fell off line for long enough, I removed them when I came across them. It didn't affect my setup. BUT I'm NOT an expert. Wait for someone in support to answer your question before you do anything. I'd be interested to know as well, as it was a stab in the dark for me to remove them. So I'm definitely following this post.

Do you have any "Connect" apps that are designed to seek out devices on another hub or on your LAN and add them for you? I would look for this phantom device in those apps and see if that's what's adding them.

Don't have any "Connect" apps. I've only got Xiaomi devices that are Zigbee.

It happened again. At 4:51 am, a zigbee device was added to the list. Some process must be creating these at around 4-5 am.

Something is definitely messing up my Zigbee network with this build, at least for my Xiaomi devices. I've not had devices drop before updating to, but now I'm getting devices dropping pretty much daily or every other day. And it's not all my devices. Just my buttons and contact sensors. Motion sensors stay connected. Along with the phantom devices showing up and my Xiaomi devices dropping periodically (usually around the same time, 9-10 pm PST), this build is not usable for me. I need to rollback to see if stabilizes things.