Zigbee device count mismatch

Is anyone else seeing this? On

Yeah, I think there are a lot of reports that "getChildAndRouteInfo" diagnostic page rarely shows you all of your devices. The best explanation I've seen is that if it's not either a direct "child" connecting straight to the hub, a device connected through one a router that is within the first hop from the hub, or one of those routers themselves, then you won't see it. (So, for example, if you have a device going through a repeater and that repeater talks to the hub through another repeater, then you won't see it.)

An Xbee with XCTU running on a computer sometimes shows you more if you're really curious for a fuller map. For me, that sometimes still didn't show everything, and the second-best guess I've seen (that the device didn't have any activity/traffic recently) didn't line up with my experience, either--even if I made a specific motion sensor I was looking for active, so it should have definitely been sending traffic over the mesh, I couldn't find it in the map or list.

I don't have any answer for that. :slight_smile: And even the first thing is just me repeating what others have said (likely based on the Ember Zigbee documentation, but I didn't read enough to confirm), but it seems like a plausible explanation to me.


I've never had all of my devices sure up in the childandrouteinfo screen. I think I read that if a device has more than one hop it won't show in that screen.

@bertabcd1234 beat me with a much better post!


Yes, multiple repeater hops seems to be the issue.

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I've had that experience with XTCU as well on devices that would not stay paired for long even though they show up on HE. Also with devices that are on the edge of transmission distance so this could be due to missed messages.

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