Zigbee "Bind" EZ-Mode

Does HE support ZigBee Bind or find and bind "EZ-mode"? Some devices I have have the ability to link to the hub and create a bind link to another device. But can/ could it be done in HE?

Does/can HE (C-7) support Zigbee Binding?

I have a bunch of Inovelli Blues coming soon, and if possible, I'd love to use zigbee binding with one of them (long story).


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Not exactly, it can be done in the driver level but that is binding the device to the hub. There is no user way to do it.
I was able to do it on the actual device, I had a scene plate that supported it and a ZigBee inner lamp. Scene plate was joined joined the lamp then quickly put the scene plate in learn mode (within few mins of lamp being joined) and the lamp joined to the scene plate aswell. Now I have hub and direct control of it.


Thanks, that sounds encouraging at least... I may very well not need it at all, I'm just trying to prep & get smart on possible options to help maximize performance (so just another typical day at the office as an HE user, I guess :sweat_smile:).

I'm sure there will be a fair amount of Blue-related questions in the community here once they start delivering, so I'll be ready to soak it in. Thanks again.

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