Zigbee Aqara door/window contact sensor - How to test it?

I bought the Aqara contact sensors. I turned it on and HE was able to discover it.

Is there a way to test it out? I can't get any responses from it.

The only thing I figured is that the "sensor battery is 0%".

  • Is it actually a battery issue?
  • Would the device be discovered if the battery were in fact 0%?
  • I've tried taking the battery in and out with no change
  • If I replace it with a new battery and it actually changes the description to 100%, is there a good way to confirm that the contact sensor is working appropriately?


~HE Noob

Try checking the device type. My monoprice contact sensor got added without a device type and I had to manually change it to the generic device type.

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You probably need to install a driver for those. There isn't a built in driver as far as I am aware. Use the table in the first post in the link below.

[Release] Xiaomi / Aqara device drivers

Yes, once you have the User driver installed and configured for that device you can close it then open it then click the Events button at the top of the device page to see if it shows the close and open events from a few moments before. If so you should be able to use the contact for HSM or any rules you want.