Zigbee 3.0 Temperature Humidity Sensor Detector With LCD Display

They could have just shut down the lcd when the light is low. It will be hard to read anyway. The energy saving could be significant during this time. Then, they can afford to give us a normal cluster implementation with the energy saved during dark time.


Nice, I'll give it a try!

Did you make this adjustment?

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Should work if the device is using normal clusters. The konke driver is pretty vanilla/standard.


I hadn't and they are working fine.

I have now. :grinning:


They sell those in Amazon in the UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shumo-Zigbee-Temperature-Control-Humidity/dp/B0882PDJT3/ref=pd_sbs_1?pd_rd_w=bh7pC&pf_rd_p=448c740b-5b83-47fd-809b-6bedb049b25c&pf_rd_r=E97BDQKDXQKCH2FQHTA3&pd_rd_r=72873bbc-7e49-4a73-b622-dc1ab04c0dda&pd_rd_wg=02MYE&pd_rd_i=B0882PDJT3&psc=1

The review on Amazon is not flattering

The unit is more or less accurate, I wouldn't trust it too much but it seems to get measurements in the right ballpark. Secondly, and the most annoying thing that makes the unit unusable is that it goes through batteries in 2 weeks. Firstly I thought that the batteries included in the box were old and some unknown brand but when replaced with branded trusty ones, still goes through them within 2 weeks. I can't change batteries every 2 weeks so. Unfortunately, I've got 3 different units and all of them has the same behaviour so is not like I've got a bad one. Do not buy!

I REALLY like the economy of a zigbee Temp/Humidity Sensor with a display, especially if I can put a USB Battery eliminator on it, kill two birds with one stone.

So with a Battery Eliminator, this may be viable if you get it going OK..

Please keep us posted on progress.

Is there any hope for this sensor being decoded and useful?

Sure, if someone wants to sit down and review the payloads and trial and error figure it out. It's been done before.

Whether anyone with the skills to do so will spend the hours it takes to figure it out is another story. Typically that only happens if a developer really wants to use that specific device themselves.

Step one would be for someone to get one, pair it to Hubitat, and post what clusters are being used. Specifically the inClusters.

If it happens to be using standard clusters, then an in-box drivers may work, or a user one could be made. If proprietary then someone would have to figure it out manually.


Seems related to issue 862 of zigpy/zha-device-handlers repository on github

Attributes from e002 cluster :

attribute dec value hex value bin value
d006 2 2 0010
d00a 40 28 0010 1000
d00b 10 a 1010
d00d 90 5a 0101 1010
d00e 20 14 0001 0100
d00f 2 2 0010
d010 0 0 0

I've been using my device for about a month so far and the original rechargeable batteries are still going. It's been reporting 50% for several weeks, not sure if it will ever report anything else or if the next step is just offline. Anyway, I'm happy with it, and my original annoyance about it only reporting in C isn't so bad. I put a little note on it that says 2C-(2C/10)+32 and I'm actually getting quiet good at converting C to F :slight_smile:

Anyway, here's my driver for it:

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Finally got it working on ZHA!

The issue is that Temperature and Humidity clusters are on Endpoint 2, which the device doesn't report on discovery.

I'm not able to post links, but just check back that issue on Github

@oscensores Can you elaborate on this a bit, please.

Which Github issue are you referring to? Have tried all of the above linked drivers, and all fails. How do you get it to read Endpoint 2?


Right now the only way seems to be to first pair it with a Tuya Zigbee Hub, then repair it with another hub (like ZHA).
I'm trying to figure out why that's necessary, but I still haven't found a solution

Some of the people discussing it said they had success if they sent a broadcast request for temperature and humidity rather than the normal endpoint 1. I tried that with my driver (and specifically sending it on endpoint 2, as well as many other things) without success. I know it received broadcast requests and accepted them for Lux because it always responded with those (even when it had just sent it's own lux request)... but temperature and humidity were met with crickets.

I just bought this type. I'm using Driver from Muxa But it's not working. Which driver should I use for this device to work?

Can you post the Model and the Manufacturer values for your device ( must be found in the Data section of the device web UI page) ?

Tuya Zigbee LED

Can i do like this?

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It is supported in this driver:


Thank you @kkossev , you saved me. Yes it works.

Thank you

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