Zig bee dimmer & switch sale

For anyone looking: GE’s energy-monitoring Zigbee Smart Plug gets 50% discount to a new low at $20, https://amzn.to/2l0ITCE

WOW...and the plug in dimmers are only $22. That's cheap.

@Ryan780 Not really applicable here but

The used polished brass is $24 again

I wonder if I could use my dryer and washer on this?

Says they’re rated to 1800 watts.

Lowes has been marking them down as well. I've been getting switches and plugs at 10 bucks open box and 20 for new.

Man, I was hoping these were dimmer switches, I need 10

good deal, thank you

PS- reported to NOT work with xiaomi devices

It switches to new when added to cart for me.

Down to $23.09 today

You need to click the Buy used button on the right-hand side of the page.

When I do that it switched to 149 when it goes in cart.

I guess they are out of them. I and several other community members bought these several months ago at ridiculously low prices. These locks are a part of Amazon's "let the Amazon delivery person unlock your door and put the stuff inside" program (the actual name of the program :wink: ) I am guessing these are returns from installers or people who changed their mind. What I received was unopened.
There is no outside keypad, just the inside locking mechanism. Keep checking back on the page and hopefully some come up again. Make sure to check the other finishes as well.

I got it in cart. Just had to pick it from used list.

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So why did you make me go through all that extra writing. :wink:

Drop down box got me. LOL my bad

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New Kwikset Convert locks for $33.


26 for the ugly gold !

Is this the one we can pull the zigbee module out of and convert a zwave lock to zigbee?

So tempted! $28 for venetian bronze.


Edit: for Kwikset locks only. Can use that zigbee module for any other brand (except maybe Weiser).