Zen31 wiring questions

I have just received my Zen31 and I'm anxious to get it connected. Looking at my lights, I have 4 wires.

Red, Green, Blue and White.

Looking at the diagram on the instruction sheet, it shows 5 wires coming from the lights, not 4.

So I'm not sure what to do now, I compared my lights to others that are suggest to work with the controller, and they look idenitcal, with only 4 wires going to them.

The instructions say to run 12 + volts to the Black wire on the lights, but I don't have a black wire, only the 4. RGBW wires.

So I'm confused on that. Also, does anyone suggest running it with the external switch? I was thinking I wouldn't need that, if I can control them via the hub.

OK, forget the external switch (for now). I don't use one but you can add one later if you wish.

Without knowing more about your LEDs I can only guess. All RGB strips I've seen have connections for:

  • +V (aka 12 volt supply positive)
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

I won't guess on the wire colors.

Do you have more information on your LED strip? can you post a link (even if a ebay seller).

I looked, there's no name on the LEDs. I did look at a few others that I have, that have 5 connections on the strip, but only 4 wires. I figured out what the +12v was, and connected that to the 12 volt feed to the Zen31, and the lights worked. So I have no wire on the W of the controller, but I am able to issue commands and control it.

I might buy a few more sets. I need outdoor LEDs for my project. I saw they have a few suggestions. I just don't know what I'm missing in the way of control witihout the W connection.

The "W" connection is usually for the "White" LEDs on your strip. All the RGBW strips I've seen have separate white LEDs. Not too interesting for me.

BTW you can get RGBW strips with the white LEDs of different white color temperature . Warm, natural or daylight.