ZEN31 Christmas Effect possible?

I use a ZEN31 to drive LEDs on my book cases surrounding my TV. We love the fade effects that are built into the drivers. Is there a way to create custom effects? Like a twinkling effect similar to a XMAS lights?

Thanks for your consideration.

Not directly, no. I actually emailed Zooz about this exact type of thing (custom effects or modifying their existing ones) not too long ago. It is not currently possible directly on the device but they said they noted the request.

Otherwise, what you could do is set up rules to control the specific channels. Have red and green lights always on. Then if you have an RGBW set you could set the white to come on and off quickly now and then.

If you do not want to program it like that, the closest alternative would be to miswire the colors and use their "storm" effect. That causes that intermittent flash on the white channel (lighting) and a constant bluish color otherwise.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the LED strips and controller that Inovelli is supposed to be working on. The idea of controlling individual LEDs could come in handy for things like this as well.

Thanks for the ideas. I hadn't heard anything on the Inovelli option. I really like their wall switches.

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