ZEN25 disposal

OK, I've given up. I've spent seriously five hours trying to get my ZEN25 to pair with my HE C7. I've followed all the advice re: S2 security, settings, firmware, inclusion/exclusion, etc, etc. Only once in literally dozens and dozens of tries have I even gotten to the security screen. So today, not ten mins ago, I unplugged it and threw it away. It's simply not worth any more frustrations, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Gotta say, it feels good. Now... what zwave plug should I try next??

Ouch. Sorry to hear about that. I was in that spot on previous FW builds, but on 2.2.4 I was able to pair and use it...doesn't like to be really far from the hub, but has been stable for me.

I like the GE/Honeywell plugs...downside is they are kind of bulky, but they have been 100% reliable and able to connect and run from longer distances. GE Enbrighten versions are the same HW/FW, cost a little bit more.


@ebstauffer... I have one like you and was able to pair it to my C-7 when I was running v2.2.3 but within a hour or so the device stop responding to commands from the C-7. After NUMEROUS emails from Zooz support (mostly was unpair, repair, unpair, repair, reset to factory default so basically NO support), I gave up on the ZEN25. Since v2.2.4 and over the past few weeks, I've seen several post which gives me some hope Zooz & HE have identified the problem.

@danabw... I have a GE 28175 Lamp Dimmer but have never been able to get it to work reliably on v2.2.3 but now does not respond to any commands since v2.2.4. Any suggestions on how to identify the source of the problem?

Mine have always "just worked" so it's been simple for me. :slight_smile:

I'd start by starting over and remove and re-pair it under If it supports S2 security, pair w/out security (not sure if it is S2 or isn't). If you see the dialog below during pairing uncheck all boxes.

After it's paired check on the Z-Wave Details screen to see what routing it's choosing - it may be a mesh issue and it needs a repeater between it and the hub.

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If you:

  1. Pair it w/out security
  2. Turn off all reporting

Things should be better.

See this thread:

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