Zen23 - Randomly on/off and 3-way not working

I have a Zen23 by a staircase to the basement. At the bottom of the basement stars is a plan toggle-switch. This had been working in a 3-way configuration for almost a year. There are no rules associated with this switch at all.

Then I did some electrical work in order areas of the house and turned of all breakers.

After that, for the first few days the Zen23 would randomly start turning the light on and off. This would happen in spurts. On/Off within a few seconds for a minute or so, and then stop.

That stopped happening and I don't know why. However, I also just discovered that the toggle switch at the bottom of the steps no longer works!

ANY ideas on what could have happened here? My next step is to update Zooz Firmware if one is available.

Iā€™d reach out to Zooz support. Cutting the breaker and turning it back on may have caused an issue in the switch.

A few months back I was doing some electrical work in my home and turning off breaker and back on caused a few GE switches to fail. Fortunately they were still covered under warranty. Hopefully the same for you.

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