Zen17 WAS working for both garage doors

I have 2 garage doors hooked up to the Zen17 relay. I'm using the Zooz Garage Door driver.
Dashboards and Alexa have been working fine. Suddenly, Alexa will not open the first door. She tells me the device "doesn't support that". If I tell her to "turn on" the door, it then opens and closes correctly. I have not changed anything in the devices or apps. It Seems Alexa thinks the first door is now an on/off device? How do I change it back to a door?

Try removing that device from the Alexa app in Hubitat, done/close, then go back in and add it back. Make sure you are sharing only the virtual garage door devices that the app creates and not the relay device directly.

Also, this is not uncommon for Alexa. She will randomly tell me "Device doesn't support that" when trying to adjust my thermostat! Next day it works fine again.

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