Zemismart ZG-EU-02 or alternative

Hello comrades.
I am looking for a 2ch switch (Zigbee) that needs to be placed under a standard switch.
I found this: Zemismart ZG-EU-02 - the price is great, so I need 12pcs.
But the problem is that I'm not sure if this will work with HE.
Tell me, maybe someone had experience with this.
Or maybe tell me an alternative that works with HE but only zigbee.

It isn’t on the list of compatible devices:


However, it if is Zigbee 3.0, there is a chance that it could work with a generic driver.

Thank you, I understand that. But I would like to have confidence. I need 12 pieces, delivery from China is very long and there is no time to order one and then the rest ...

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Hopefully someone in the community has tried one and can say for sure!

I bought one called Yagusmart from Amazon which looks pretty much like a re-branded version. Also Zigbee 3.0 and it works well. Am using the Generic Zigbee Dimmer for that one.
I guess as Sebastien says that the Zemismart should work fine, but I'm also understanding your point in getting good confidence in compability.

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