Zemismart customer support sucks and I need a new option

I need to vent regarding Zeimsmart customer service.

I have 3 zemismart zigbee blind drivers. I bought the newest 1 back in Sept 22 and it's never been touched since it's been hooked up and has been working great, a month ago it just stopped working, meaning when I use the remote, hubitat automation or use the physical remote, it does a double beep and then does nothing.

I reached out to support and 1st they communicated daily, asking me to switch the 5v charger because they thought it wasn't being charged. I replaced the usb cord, replaced the 5v charger and even hooked it up to my other zemismart driver that has the solar charger. I knew it wasn't a charging issue but for shits and giggles I tried switching it up, always giving it 24-48hrs on the charge before I did anything. I've sent pics and videos showing them and then 3 weeks ago, they just stopped responding no matter how many ways I reach out to them, via the live chat they had, email and the email option on their website.

I can't deal with a company that just stops responding as if they aren't obligated to help customers. The 1 good thing about their product was the price. If anyone knows of a good brand/company who has window blind drivers that's reliable that you can recommend, that would be appreciated.

I own several AXIS Gear controllers and they just work. There is also a thread in this forum where their support went WAY above and beyond by getting a FW update to hubitat to resolve a users issue. I cant recommend them enough.

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That's awesome, thanks, I will check them out. :smile:
BTW. do you think it's loud when it's working or you can hardly hear it?

You can totally hear them… they are not quiet devices.