Zemismart 2 gang w/neutral

@kkossev I've had my 4th crash in a week - I am beginning to suspect it's related to my implementation of Influxdb -
After today's crash, I pulled the power on the Hub (c7) waited then plugged it back in. my logs had this error a few minutes after the hub came back to life:


Which driver is this? The "Tuya Zigbee dimmer module"?
Or more likely the "Zemismart ZigBee Wall Switch Multi-Gang".
It has Initialize capability declared, so some code is executed automatically on each hub restart. This is principally not needed for Zigbee drivers, I will look at it and will remove it in the next update.
Which version of the driver you have installed ?

You can try the new dev. branch version 0.5.0, let me know if it makes any difference.

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This problem should be resolved in the latest versions of the "Zemismart ZigBee Wall Switch Multi-Gang" driver.
I have removed the Initialize capability, so the driver code will not be called on each hub restart anymore.

Thanks. I'll implement when I can find time. sort of buried the last 2 weeks with client work.

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