Z-Wave vs. Zigbee vs. Wi-Fi!

Good and very informative as always from Rob at The Hook Up! :smiley:


Preferred Device Protocol:

  • Z-Wave
  • Zigbee
  • WiFi

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I have mostly zigbee devices and my zwave network is weaker but it is more stable.

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I started out more zwave than zigbee...but for ME and MY house I found out zigbee was significantly faster and more reliable. I also have more tools to see what's going on with it and have watched it heal itself FAST in real time. Moving forward anything I can buy zigbee I do.

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Nice poll, but z-wave is contaminated by shitty devices. If I only had Inovelli & Zooz I might have voted different. But enerwave & dome ruined my initial z-wave experience, as well as other shitty companies. Schlage ain't doing z-wave any favors either, although my BE469 lock is fine, I'm scared to death to touch it !
Z-wave if done right can be good and fast, but in the end I think zigbee still wins

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I would add GE, at least their early non-Plus devices, to that list.


I basically have had zero issues with Z-wave. On my network, it seems more stable and reliable, even the Schlage locks!

The Zigbee stuff has been fairly good, but the Xiomi have had occasional issues, and I think the Peanut plugs were causing issues too as my network is better than ever without them. I like that you can re-add devices easily if they drop off the network, but on the other hand I have literally never had to do that to a Z-wave where I have had to many times with Zigbee.

To me, it comes down to what devices/features are available in each type. There are almost no Zigbee Lux sensors. It is much easier to find in-wall switches in Z-wave. Zigbee seems to work better and respond better for motion sensors. Z-wave seems to have outdoor plugs. One time you go to buy something and there just aren't any of that type of device in Zigbee, other times Z-wave is scarce. Price also plays part in what I buy, if there are two multi-sensors and one is cheaper, I tend to go with the cheaper one.

The only thing I try to avoid is wifi. I don't want them calling home, I don't want to have to flash firmware just to use them. I have questions about their quality and longevity. Many aren't UL rated. I don't want to bomb out my wireless network when I have a two perfectly good mesh networks dedicated just to home automation.

I don't think there is a right answer to the poll, it should have a both option, or all option.

In fairness to complient Zigbee, keep Xiaomi out of this comparison! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Xiaomi has tweaked their Zigbee devices to be compliant with their hubs. They can be made to work (mostly) with Hubitat and SmartThings, but they certainly are not listed as compatible and there are no official drivers for them. But in fairness to the very talented people at Shenzhen Green Rice Lianchuang Technology Co., Ltd (the company that is actually behind most of the Aqara and Mijia devices) they are rock solid when you pair them to their hubs. I mean, it's crazy solid. They pair super easy and simply DO NOT fall off an Aqara or Mijia hub. but that's Zigbee that has been specially designed for their hubs and the use cases you find in China.

I have not doubt your correct, however in theory there shouldn't need to be tweaking.

It reminds me of early USB devices on the PC. Perhaps if look back at how other technology's developed we can see forward on what to expect of HA communication devices.

As for which is better Z-Wave or Zigbee, I personally think at the moment it depends more on the device design than the communication technology.

I do want to thank all those who post here, I have a Peanut sitting on my desk. After reading a number of posts I think it will remain on my desk.

My Z-Wave network is more reliable than my Zigbee network. I strictly limit Wi-Fi access. 'Nuff said.

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