Z-Wave Vent Covers (a la Flair)

My house is a ranch w/ basement, and as such, I'm noticing some differences in how one floor heats/cools vs the other. I've seen the Flair vent covers, but they're Wi-Fi only and, frankly, cost more than I want to pay for something that isn't exactly what I want. I'm wondering if there are other options out there for Z-Wave controllable vent covers, or is there a way to "hack" standard vent covers and make them controllable?

All I want to be able to do is have my HE be able to open some vents and close other vents based on current temperatures in that part of the house. Or close all the upstairs vents in the winter (warm air rises) and close all the downstairs vents in the summer (cool air sinks). Stuff like that is what I'm wanting to be able to do, and preferably without costing an arm, leg, and blood of my first-born.

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