Z wave update stalled at 83% now can’t access my C7 hub

Title says it all basically

Got the hub last week and have basically nothing connected to it. Two zigbee contact sensors and that’s it. Waiting for a big package of Seaver stuff.

Anyway. Z wave firmware update stalled at 83 and now can’t load my hub control center.

What to do?

Can you get to the following link? [insert your hub IP address]:8081 In other words, 192.xxx.x.xxx:8081

That should take you to a diagnostic menu where you can try a shutdown, pull the cord and wait 30 seconds, and power back up.

Don't reset it or do anything much more than a reboot at this point. There are a couple more recent threads about this, so you might want to go to the top of this forum, and sort by "latest" and watch for similar topics to this one.

Was able to get it back right after I posted. It appears the IP changed.


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Set a static or reserved address for Hubitat in your router. That goes for all smart devices like Lutron hubs, Alexa, and so on.


Yeah I’ve read about that. Just haven’t gotten around to it.

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