Z-Wave Thermostat Missing Clusters

I updated to and notice slow Z-Wave light switch responses. Devices that turn on with Zigbee motion sensor activation went from less than one second to about three. I looked at my Z-Wave details and noticed that the clusters associated with my Z-Wave GoControl thermostat are missing. It shows as "in: , out:" but the thermostat appears to be working fine. From the device page I can set the fan mode and change the temperature. It appears to be changing temperature with modes just fine. Trying to fix the clusters I've rebooted the hub, restored a saved database, rolled back to 2.2.9, and performed a Z-Wave repair. I'm using the built-in GoControl thermostat driver.

I'm not sure that my slow response has anything to do with the missing thermostat clusters but I'd like to fix the clusters first. Is there anything else I should try before I exclude and re-pair my thermostat?