Z Wave Switch Ghost Behavior

I have 4 GE Z Wave Switches (the older non Plus versions) that have been perfectly working for years, and it seems about a week ago they started acting weirdly. Sometimes a switch will randomly turn on or off without a physical press or in logging shows as turning on/off with a physical press although nobody is home/awake.

I have the Z-Wave poller app running. No other changes to my network. Did a Z Wave network repair, still happening.

Any thoughts or what might be causing this? There aren’t any errors showing in logs other than the ghost physical switch press errors. And it’s across all 4 GE switches, nothing else in my hub shows this kind of behavior.

Have you changed any of the bulbs as of late? Double check the driver. Some bulbs can cause weird behavior if they're not compatible with the switch, although rare. Also, if the driver was updated in the update, You may just need to go in and click refresh. I also read that some of the drivers were added to the generic driver version and the old will show deprecated in the details. All things to check. Maybe it will be just that easy?

It's my understanding that one needs to click Configure.


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