Z-Wave Smart Rocker Light Dimmer

I'm new to HE. I've just purchased a smart light dimmer, Smart Rocker Light Dimmer by Jasco. I wanted to have a wall controller for iBlinds motors. I've created Basic Rules to simply open and close the blind when the top and bottom buttons are pressed once. I'd like to also create something that will adjust the level of open or close by pressing and holding the top or bottom buttons. Does anyone know the best way to accomplish this via Basic Rules or do I need to use the Rule Machine? Anyone done this before and have examples?

Is this dimmer actually connected to a light? Or is it just mounted and wired with the intent for the buttons to do control via the Hubitat?

At any rate, with the right driver, you can use Button Controller or Simple Button Controller to handle how something operates when a button is held and when it is released.

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The dimmer is just mounted with the intention to control the iblind via the hub. It is not connected to a light. I've played around with the button controller and see that it supports action when one of the buttons is held. But I'm gonna need to figure out how to repetitively change the level of the blind while its being held and then stop when it's not being held anymore.

Was hoping I might find someone here who's already done it, before I work to figure it out.