Z-wave reset on c8 pro

About a month ago I got the c8 pro did the latest update with no problems. This version 119 has the zwave radio reset.
Today I received another brand new c8 pro did the latest update available version 119. As I started to add devices I made a mistake and got a ghosted device so instead of trying to remove the ghost which can be painful at times since it was the 2nd device I decided to just do a zwave radio reset. When I logged in with my Mac id to my surprise this c8 pro with the newest version does not have the reset available. The other c8 pro does have it. They are both pros with the same software version 119.
What am I missing. I tried going back to an earlier version but that id not have the reset either.

You can wait a few days for it to happen on its own, or you can manually update it (it's separate from the regular platform version) if you don't want to wait:


It's true they can be painful to remove, but you're doing the right thing keeping an eye on the Z-Wave Details page when adding new devices to be on the lookout for ghosts.

When you catch them that quickly they should usually be removable via the hub's built-in ghost removal tools. Worth a try if it happens again so you don't have to start over. See below from the ghost removal topic.

Simple first steps - try these first

  1. If a Discover button appears for a partially included device, selecting that button can allow a device to successfully complete joining the Z-Wave mesh.
  2. Shut down the hub and restart it to force restarting of the Z-Wave radio - this can help w/ghost issues:
    -- a. Shut down your hub from the Settings menu.
    -- b. Then pull the USB power plug (recommended to do at the wall connection, not at the hub as the hub connection can be a little fragile, at least on some C-7 hubs) to completely remove power from your hub after it's shut down.
    -- c. Wait 30s
    -- d. Plug the hub in again.

Using the hub's built-in ghost removal tools
Below is a detailed summary from @jtp10181 of best way to use the hubs built-in ghost removal tools. Try these tools first before trying Ghost removal with a UZB stick:

  • Removal of a ghost device is usually not successful if the device the ghost was created from is plugged in/connected to power. If it's a plug, unplug it. If it's a switch and has an air-gap, pull the air gap. You can also flip a circuit breaker to remove power from a mains powered device temporarily in order to remove a ghost that was created from it during a failed pairing process.
  • Click Refresh on the device ONCE, wait for the page to refresh. The Remove button should then appear. Click Remove ONCE. Again, wait. May want to have logs open while doing this as well.
  • Sometimes it takes multiple tries of the Refresh button to get the Remove button to appear. Try to be patient and NOT click Refresh furiously. If you start getting "Zwave busy" error messages in your logs, power down and reboot again.
  • It is common for it to take multiple tries at the Refresh/Remove buttons to remove a ghost, give it at least five or six attempts before assuming it's not going to work. Shutting down/restarting between successful removals can also help.

Also, I assume you may have seen this but if not review it for good advice about building out your Z-Wave mesh so you minimize any chance of creating ghosts.