Z-Wave Replace No Longer Works? (RESOLVED by shutdown/reboot)

C7 Running

I don't know if this started happening after some of the latest updates, but my ZWave replace function will no longer work. When I click "replace" It immediately goes to this:

In the logs I get this:
sys:12022-09-30 11:50:43.838 aminfoZ-Wave Replace Failed Node did not complete successfully

sys:12022-09-30 11:50:43.824 aminfoZ-Wave Replace failed node running

I know this worked 2 weeks ago, but this is the first time I'm trying since then. Anyone else run into this issue?

Have you tried power-cycling (not just rebooting)?


I have not, but I will now.

I did a replace 3 days ago and it worked fine (again).


Thank you @aaiyar . the power cycle worked. I tried shutdown / reboot, but neither one of those worked.

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It is the magic sauce... :slight_smile:

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