Z-Wave problems after uppdate &147

I would suggest you keep waiting.
Pulling @bobbyD into this. Sorry.
Any thoughts on where to go with this?

I've just kicked off my C3 in safe mode. Will see how long it takes.

Ah. Very quick but both radios are disabled and nothing is on it.

Hmmm stilll waiting over here.

It is not working. Any other suggestions....

From me, I'm afraid not. Sorry.
If it was me I would probably just pull the power, which is never good, wait 1 minute and power back on and see what happens.

Just another thought, can you change the power lead in case that is playing up.

Tryed that. The Hub starts up but I can't access it. Only trough :8081.

Also tryed to change power supply. That didn't change anything. Thanks for all the suggestions

Sorry, but I've now exhausted all the things I would try.
I would think the next thing is to see if support can see what is going on.
Put a ticket into support and @bobbyD any chance you can chip in with some more options?

Anyone else reading this thread who can advise of other options to try?

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Reload the platform? Seen other similar errors where platform restore worked, but it would nuke everything and he's have to re-pair all devices, I think

It’s possible, if a user unfamiliar with the process is trying it for the first time, that it’s happening so slowly that the Diagnostic Tool is logging him out.

Try logging in to the Diagnostic Tool at port 8081 using the hub’s MAC address, and doing the soft reset step without delay, then restore from backup.

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