Z-Wave Poller

I am more than half way done with switching over from smartthings to HE. I noticed (not happy) that physical press of my non zwave+ does not register. I installed poller app selected multiple devices and enabled with logs. Nothing is happening. Log is empty. I do not know why this doesn't work. Any thoughts?
Webcore has polling on these devices. Does anyone use it for this application. It works, but the trigger is a problem. I use one of my motion sensors (not for long) to poll all my devices, works fine. Anyone use webcore to poll devices. Sugestions on trigger and frequency? Thanks

I presume changing the device from the device page works as intended?

That's a limitation of the z-wave protocol. Cloud-dependent hubs could spare the CPU cycles to routinely poll z-wave devices, although even with them, too many z-wave devices would bog the network.

The real solution is to replace z-wave devices over time.

That being said, z-wave poller should work. Can you post screenshots of your setup?

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I am using webcore to poll 4 devices at 30 sec interval with no issues.


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@wagnerm1 For giggles can you post your z-wave details page in it's entirety?

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What did you use in webcore as trigger and how did you set the frequency. I have all my devices set to poll and it works fine. I know webcore fairly well from smartthings. Thanks

I just have it set on a timer...

This webcore piston is very good. Works perfectly.