Z-Wave Poller Processing Time

Lately I've been getting database size warnings and have been scrutinizing everything going on to look for clues. I don't remember the Z-Wave poller using up so much processing time. Is this normal? Here are the top CPU hogs:

477,929 is 478 seconds or roughly 8 mins. Out of how many? If that's out of 10 mins, I'd be aghast, but if it's out of 2 months, I'd be ignoring. :smiley: Perhaps enabling % of total would clarify.

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 12.08.27 PM

Great point. Not too familiar with this screen. So about 3.5%.

So nobody has any opinion on whether 3.5% of processing time is too much - unusually high - for the Z-Wave Poller?

I have an opinion...

It's not too much. For ZWave Poller.

It's a tool that polls a list of devices every 10 seconds, that's quite a constant load.


That percentage by itself doesn't mean much by itself. Look at the below for an extreme example. On the face of it, this RM rule appears to be taking almost 60% of the hubs resources. But look closer at that % of total and Busy Total, they are at %0.1 percent.

It just happens that this is one of the few things on this hub that is quite active, and it makes it appear bad in comparison to the other rules and integrations.

Here is my main hub, and it also is "worse" than yours when compared your Z-wave poller. But in reality, it also is only using 0.1% of resources overall.

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