Z-Wave Poller - Phantom physical events while dimming

I've been using the new Z-Wave Poller app for some of my older GE dimmers, and I've noticed an issue with physical events being generated at improper times. This occurs on a dimmer that turns on for 1 minute with motion.

When these dimmers are on at 100% and then you turn it off, it ramps down to 0%. While it's turning off, I can watch the device page a see the level change to a few different values before it gets to zero. From what I can tell, if the dimmer gets polled while it is transitioning from on to off, then a physical "on" event gets generated at whatever the current dimming level is. So, sometimes the dimmer will get stuck at some value in between 100% and 0%.

Once this happens, I have to manually turn the dimmer off before the motion automation (using built-in Motion Lighting app) will start working again. It's as if the driver state gets confused and needs some manual prodding to reset it.

Any ideas @bravenel ?

Have you confirmed that this behavior only happens when it is being polled?

As far as I can tell. I only started seeing it after installing the polling app, and I haven't seen it since removing that dimmer from the polling app.

I seen a similar behavior, for example, If I have the dimmer in 99 percent, when I turn it off it will change to 87, then if I use Sharptools to turn on the device it will go to 87 but not to 99. This happened after I added this device to the poller(yesterday). I will do a couple of test later and confirm.

I'm seeing something similar, it seems like the device reports it's level while it's fading down to turn off. Seems like it catches up the next time the poller hits it though. I just turned off a light that was at 75%. As soon as I hit the dashboard tile, the light turned off but the logs and dashboard reported a change to 65%. 15 seconds later the poller hit it, and the logs and dashboard tile updated to off correctly.

Same for me,

More weirdness. Literally nothing has changed with this light in the last hour. No physical changes, no automations, nothing. But I got this random string of log entries just now. This device is included in Z-Wave Poller. The light stayed on and set to 10% the entire time.

I seen this too, with the poller. By the way I just see your ST sale, lol

Make me an offer! :rofl::rofl:

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Confirmed I'm seeing this behavior as well. I've turned off polling for now to get some stability back.

Could you show the log from Z-Wave Poller for that same time period (assuming you had Logs on in it). If you didn't have the logs on in the app, please turn them on so we can track this down.

I did not have Poller logs turned on at the time. Just enabled them and now watching for more weirdness. Will post when I see it again.

Here's a different switch. The Pool Heater did not turn on and off, but it's reporting that it did.

Here's another one. This light has been on the entire time.

...and another...this light has been off the entire time. Also, why does this one switch have a different poll time?

Thanks. What release are you running?

Update my screenshot above, saw a -> 60 instead of a -> 10 and thought that was weird

I had two lights turn themselves on last night.

Event page for one of the devices. This dimmer was busy last night :rofl: None of these events were real, except for the highlighted one where I think it turned itself on.

I'm cutting Poller down to just 8 critical devices that are needed to trigger RM rules for now. 6 dimmers and 2 switches.

Anecdotally, I'm going to say that this type of behavior seems to increase the more devices are in Poller. I have 32 devices that do not do instant updates on their own. I started with just a couple of critical ones needed to trigger rules and have been slowly adding more for the purpose of having accurate dashboard pages. I've been looking at dashboards from work wondering why my lights weren't turning off when the house went to Away mode. Seems that a lot of my dimmers would physically turn off, but the state would update in HE while in the process of ramping down to off, showing something like on/8% or on/2% or whatever. Adding them all to Poller corrected this, but is now causing all of these phantom events too. In the last day or two I've gone from 20-ish to all 32 and seem to have hit some sort of critical mass of weirdness.

-> 60 means that it failed to respond 4 times in a row, was marked as failed, and the polling dropped to every 60 seconds. If the device responds, it is marked alive, and the poll goes back to every 10 seconds. If it were to fail to respond for 4 minutes in a row after it went to 60 seconds, it would drop to every 5 minutes (-> 300).


I notice that all my devices with generic z-wave dimmer driver do behave this way, regardless if they added to z-wave puller app.
I can turn off dimmer from driver properties, light will turn off, but dimmer will report level to go down from 99 to 87 or 47 . If I turn on the same dimmer, it will initially report 11%, but light will be at 100%. If dimer is added to z-wave poller, then state eventually will update to show correct data. If dimmer is not added to z-wave poller then state of course will not update.
Please note that all above is for digital manipulation.
Seems that z-wave poller just interrupts reporting .
Also notice "physical " events. I did not do any "physical" manipulation.