Z-Wave Poller error on removed device

I use the Z-wave poller for some older Linear switches to update the status. Recently one of these devices failed and I used the 'swap device' feature to replace the failed switch with a new Zooz switch.

I just noticed that I am getting a java error in my logs related to the polling app and it is attempting to poll the new device that replaced the original failed switch and then stops polling. However, the device name does not show up in the Z-wave Poller device list so I can't tell the app to not poll this device.

Hallway light was the name of the device that failed. Device 426 is the new switch that replaced the failed device.

I am guessing that I will need to remove then re-add the polling ap to get rid of the bad entry.

My assumption would be that Device 426 is a ZWave Plus and therefore doesn't have a Poll command. If that is the case the device needs to be removed from the polling app.

The new device does not appear in the Poller App so I cannot remove it.

Should show up as the old device.

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