Z-wave PC Controller help - unable to include on C-5

Using a Z-wave.me (Z-WAVE 5) stick with PC controller app.
I have 2 hubs (C-5 and C-7) both on the latest version.
I was able to exclude and include devices to my C-7 hub.
On my C-5 I am able to Exclude a device using the stick. I am able to include the stick as a device to my hub but the devices that were included to the stick does not show up as devices on the C-5 hub.
Any idea what might be the problem?
BTW, I rebooted the hub, shut down the power to the hub, shut doun the power to the devices, and actually did everything I could think of (well.......I did not do the chicken dance yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
The only thing I know that is different between the 2 scenarios is that on the C-7 hub I was able to inculde the stick as NONE (security) witch is something I can not do on the C-5 as it did not pop up the security pop up when icluding the stick).
Help please...