Z-Wave network is not online / ZigBee network is not online

I need help here, how to fix these issues, I reboot many times, remove power for hours, but still in the same way.

ZigBee network is not online.
Z-Wave network is not online

Currently running version:


Can you go to Zigbee details and Z-wave details (3 dot menu on the right) and make sure that both zigbee and z-wave are enabled? I know that when the hub overheats or there's some process that is hitting the database very hard, the radios turn off.

Once they are re-enabled, I would recommend working with support@hubitat.com to determine why this happened. In the meanwhile, make sure the hub is in a location where it is less likely to overheat.



Hi Thank you for your tip, Yes I check this page before both are enable and the temperature is around 55F the is internal side of my garage, I am in IL 41F now....

I sent an email to support.

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Is the solution provide by Hubitat Support.

"It appears that the hub is unable to reach the USB stick. This is either because the USB stick is not fully inserted, or you are experiencing a hardware malfunction. I suggest Shutting Down your hub from Settings, then when the light on the hub turns red, unplug both the power cord and the USB stick for a minute, then plug the USB followed by the power cord."

It works.


I'm having this problem as well.

I've owned a C-7 since mid August and have gotten the "ZigBee network is not online.โ€ error at least 3 or 4 times since then. Most of the time it appears immediately after a reboot but once it just appeared after the hub had been up a while.

Emailed support last week but still no response. Doubt it is heat related as mine is sitting on a shelf in a cool room with nothing around it or on top of it.

Anyone figure this out? My Zigbee network seems to go offline more and more. It's getting to the point where this hub is useless for Zigbee.

Just reporting this happens to me as well. I have a c-4 hub and thought it was my hub. But it looks like it happens on other versions as well so it must be a software issue. It's so bad I have had to start moving things back to my smartthings hub for them to work.

I ended up doing the same thing (move everything back to ST) and magically all my Zigbee issues (devices going offline/not reporting status updates) go away.

I have just suffered the same, โ€œZigbee network is not onlineโ€, losing control of most of my home, which is 80% Zigbee.

Nothing work but hard resetting my C-5 hub, as per the first posts.

Any ideas on why this can happen?

I had a issue that has been preventing me from upgrading since - Zigbee would turn off with any new firmware. Never an issue with ZWave, but Zigbee would start acting erratic and usually turn off.

Finally made progress - I updated the firmware, shut down the hub, unplugged it, unplugged the USB radio, let it sit a few minutes and booted it back up.