Z-Wave mesh improvement with 2.2.8?

Is this just completely coincidence or did my mesh improve significantly due to code changes in 2.2.8?
I have a bathroom light/motion switch in a corner of the house in a metal box. Before I just upgraded to 2.2.8 it showed 28 route changes (in approx a month since I rebooted the hub). and it had two devices it was hopping from before it reached the hub.

Now as you can see below it has a direct connection with the hub. I just upgraded to 2.2.8 about an hour ago and just went into the mesh details to take a look.

Is this complete coincidence or were there some improvements to how the radio/mesh works? (@bcopeland. @bravenel ?)

100% curiosity on my side but the improvement in node hoping on this device and others is noticeable in the details page.


@bcopeland is relentless.


I noticed my RTT values seem to be better, will have to wait and see if it hold or if it was just from the multiple reboots refreshing everything.

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I have one red dimmer that is 8-10 feet from my hub with one wall in between. 22 route changes since the latest update yesterday at 6pm. The Zen22 right beside it has had 1 route change. But no issues.

That is more likely the case unless there is evidence to the contrary. Come to think of it, that bathroom switch of mine was fine a few months ago, then crappy after a reboot. You would think that after 28 route changes it would find a happy place like it was in prior months but never did. I was hoping it was 2.2.8 rather than a the reboot that made it correct itself.

I dont have to tell you all reading this that there is no rhyme or reason to our Zwave mesh. I think it has more to do with the radio wave landscape in the home at time of reboot than anything else. But then I repeat - you would think that after 28 route changes it would find its way back to its happy place but never seems to do so. LOL or cry?

absolutely, great addition to the team.
BTW-what happened to in/out clusters listing?

It got replaced with additional information that was actually useful on this page.. The in/out clusters is still available on the device page..

Great Thank You.
Hat's off to you guys, the improvements in HE lately are incredible.
Thanks for all you do !


I would assume mostly coincidence... I don't remember any specific zwave changes being mentioned in 2.2.8 (other than MAYBE the optional gateway update that is not installed automatically/by default) that would cause this.

But hey, better is better - right? :slight_smile:


If the in/out clusters are no longer listed on the Z-Wave details page, what should we look for to determine if there are any ghosts?


The in/out clusters was actually meaningless in this regard because it was always blank when the device is blank.. So if there is no device discovered it is the same.. You will see no device and the “discover” button will be visible..


Kind of like this one? Isn't there an upgrade in the latest update to help with removal of these? Is it possible to remove without the Zwave stick routine?

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My mother told me long ago to never look a gift horse in the mouth. I shall remain forever faithful to the Z-Wave radio Gods (as long as everything works like it should) And if it doesn't there is always Cntrl/Alt/Del :slight_smile:

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