Z-wave long range

@bobbyD or @bcopeland does hubitat support long range yet?


They can be used but you can not use that feature without a User Driver. For instance the Zooz ZEN55 (user driver) and ZEN77 (built-in driver) will work. LR is just a protocol that changes how it communicates to the hub in the Z-Wave Mesh. It is a feature of the 800 series chip. Zooz is not even bothering to change model numbers since it is backwards compatible.

It's more than that. The firmware has to turn on LR on the hub's z-wave chip itself. LR is also available on the 700 chip but has to be turned on by firmware.


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No, you are incorrect. Long Range was introduced with the 700 series. You can find multiple documents and chip specs from Silicon Labs that reference this, plus many posts here talking about it with the release of the C-7, the first Hubitat hub (and possibly the first commercial hub of any kind) with Z-Wave 700. There is also at least one certified 700-series LR device, the Ecolink garage door opener: https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/4475.

As mentioned above, using these devices as LR does require specifically suport on the hub/controller. This is not a driver issue, nor do such devices participate in your "Z-Wave mesh" as LR due to one distinguishing feature of LR being a move to star topology.


I'm not sure why you're coming across as so hostile. It is kind of weird.

Any case, both the 700 and 800 chips support long range. I have devices built off of each dev kit.


Wrong. They both do. This SiLabs link compares 500, 700, and 800 series modules and SoCs. Notice how both 700 and 800 series support Z-Wave Long Range.

This is good advice that you should take to heart.


C-7 with the 700 chip set does not support LR. I have both 700 and some Zooz 800 LR devices, LR is indeed a topology issue a the Z-wave Plus Mesh configures the topology unlike Z-wave. It was one of several updates. Zigbee managed it mesh topology long ago. My older devices still use a star topology. It is the mesh that configured the topology not the hub. My hub can be off but the topology remains.

There is a difference between theory and application. ALL 800 series device support LR and 1% of 700 do.

Neither does the C-8 with the 800-series chip set.

Not true.


I have both 700 series and 800 series as well. Only my 800 support LR, if Hubitat ever will is a guess but hopefully it will.

I own them all. Just ask The Smartest House. Even their "beta" items.

I've no idea what you are referring to. But FWIW, Zooz is not the only manufacturer of 800-series z-wave products. So a generic statement like:

is wrong.

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True, hopefully they will add it. They are too busy with bugs right now, practically a daily update.

Maybe this post clarifies it (please note the post was made prior to C-8 release).


I don't doubt that. I don't know of many commercial devices that ended up qualifying LR on a 700 series chip even though it can do it.

Largely because there weren't many hubs or coordinators that supported LR in the marketplace until around the time 800 series chips came out.

But, saying that there aren't many 700 series LR devices is a lot different than saying 700 series doesn't support LR...

Anyway. This has been beaten to death I think.


Like the C8 it can be turned on by a firmware update.


@bobbyD and there is indeed the example of the wild hair but not the norm...

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Hopefully eventually, still working out bugs at this point.

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