Z-wave lock issues

After upgrading from C-5 to C-8, everything is great except for one Z-wave lock. Commands from the hub to the lock hardly ever work, but the lock status feedback is quick and reliable every time. In Z-wave details the route appears direct (01 -> 4C, 40kbps) but the route changes range from around 50 to 150. I have an Aeotec 6 repeater right next to the lock, but this route doesn't use it.
When I send a lock command it does nothing. Then if I go to the device page and click 'lock' rapidly 5-10 times the lock will lock. How can I start to troubleshoot this?

It may help to share the make and model of your lock. Also, note that the lock uses the repeater that is furthest away from the lock, but closer to the hub, so placing a repeater next to the lock may not help.

For help troubleshooting Z-Wave devices please check out this document: How to Troubleshoot Z-Wave | Hubitat Documentation

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This exactly. In my experience with Aeotec repeaters, it is best to place them about 1/3 the distance from the hub to the lock (closer to the hub).


I have always found locks to be crap at communicating. I have had 4 Kwikset locks for years and no repeater placement has helped as they seem not to use them. Most other devices seem to ignore them as well - Aeotec 6. I changed up one to the new ZW 700 model and it acts just likes it's crippled bretheren.
I have to refresh them every 2 minutes as they aren't reliable on that front and they suck at routing these FLiRS devices. DIRECT to multiple paths, delays, errors all day long.
Rest of the ZW network is great and no change from the C7 I upgraded from as I had the antenna hack.


I never had good luck with the kwikset zwave locks. In my opinion their fw is crap
I swapped all of them to zigbee modules.

Sadly I tried 3 ZB modules from a link in this forum and they all failed; 200.00 down the drain. The OP got his to work ok but mine pair fine and don't do anything with the device driver commands. They were listed as Control4 FW but worked for him.

No control 4 will not work. Custom frequencies. I believe. you need to get the zigbee quickset retrofit kit on amazon. He lied to you would demand my money back.

Custom zigbee profile. Same frequency.


Sadly I took the risk as it was a no return policy. I did fear the C4 listing as I know it's not compatible. I "assumed" because a fellow Hubby user got it to pair and work I was ok.

I've had nothing but Kwikset zwave locks for 5 years and never had an issue. One of the originals I bought in 2015 is still kicking on my garage door.

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Weird i had the opposite my assessment was the lock didn't behave well as the doors are usually at the edge of the mesh and wouldn't use repeaters (at least the ones i had) as they require beaming.

They would frequently miss commands.
I converted all my kwikset to zigbee.

Probably the difference. The Kwiksets I've all used have no problems jumping through a repeater and 95% of the switches in the house are Z-Wave.