Z-Wave Devices Listed but Not Really There

Z-Wave Mystery Time. I am finally delving into my C7 to see what makes it go, and am trying to make things as consistent as I can with what devices are called, etc. I just looked at my Z-Wave Details, and I am seeing ghosts. I see devices that are "Pending", or they are "OK", but that relate to nothing. I checked my Device listing, and everything I have there is listed properly, but none of the "ghosts" are there.

Some history: I had some Zoos stuff that failed, and have since changed out for Lutron. I did a force removal on these (two devices), and they no longer appeared in the Device list. But, I have four ghosts. Two with Discover buttons, and two without.

Any idea how to make them go away? Thanks, gang!

The Friendly Grizzly

@fgrizzly Shutdown the hub from the settings menu. Unplug the hub for 5 mins (at the wall not the hub) and power back up. Attemppt removal again. Click the refresh button a couple of times on those lines if the remove button is not there.

Excellent decision! The Lutron stuff just works.

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They appear under "Z-Wave Details", but NOT in "Devices". I followed your steps except for one variation: it was unplugged (at the wall) for about 30 minutes. I plugged it in, waited about 3 or 4 minutes, and logged back in. The devices are still there, and there appears no means to remove them. Discover does nothing.

Repair attempts give this:
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 2.04.42 PM


Don't run z-wave repair after that. On the z-wave details page click the remove button on that line.Unplug for 5 mins. If the remove button isn't there. Click refresh on that line till it appears


Eureka! Finally got the Remove button to appear, and the offending ghosts are gone.

Thanks very much, I'm quite grateful.


Post your current z-wave details page and lets see how everything looks

I have the issue solved, so not sure why you want to see. I am - sadly - dealing with some potentially nasty health issues right now, so this has to take a back seat.


Hope you feel better soon!

We just like to follow up to confirm that devices remaining are looking normal - thorough is our middle name. :wink:

Hope things go well for you.

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