Z-Wave Device Triggers other Z-Wave Device

Ok, this is very weird situation that started back during my ST days and continues to plague me here on Hubitat.

On my main garage door I have an Ecolink Tilt Sensor ( TILT-ZWAVE2-ECO - not PLUS version) which has and continues to work fine when the main door opens and closes. The issue is when the other door (equipped with a door/window sensor) leading into the garage from our foyer opens, this crazy tilt sensor may triggers a false open event. Initially I thought the problem was with the automation tied to this sensor but this is not the case. When this false event is triggered the LED of the sensor lights up. Hubitat (as did ST) now thinks my main garage door is open. When I open/close the garage/foyer door the tilt sensor may rteset. If not, I have to remove it from the door and tilt it manually a few times.

On the garage/foyer door I have tried using several different zwave sensors for two different manufacturers but that did not stop this phenomena. Regardless which door/window sensor, opening this door may cause the tilt sensor to report a false event.

Is it possible that one battery operated zwave sensor could somehow trigger and event in another zwave sensor?