Z-Wave details has changed in 2.2, makes it harder to use PC Controller

Since upgrading to 2.2, my hub is much faster. I also noticed under z-wave details that my node ID's have changed from dec(hex) to hex only.
Did you happen to see the same thing?
I thought I was crazy , so I restored the last version and confirmed the display changed.
Not having the dec makes it harder to coordinate with pc-controller. Yes i know I can convert, but having both was better, me thinks.


This just happened. I agree it makes comparing info from inside Hubitat with other tools take one additional step.

@chuck.schwer Can we get the hold dec(hex) listing of the node IDs back? Or if you want you can put the decimal value in parenthesis.

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Did you check if the zwave repair still using decimal? I don't want to update yet. Thanks.

Z-Wave repair in the logs still shows the decimal values.

Thanks, that's what I meant. Worse to understand now a zwave repair vs the details page