Z-Wave Crash Event Never Triggers

I have Hub Protect and during the wee hours in the morning, my C-8 automatically makes a cloud backup. Yesterday, as has happened in the past, the cloud backup fails. I wake up to find no z-wave devices working. When I log into my hub there is a red bubble with an explanation point that is there because the cloud backup failed. When I go to the backup page, I am instructed to shut down the hub, power off, and then power on the hub. This z-wave reset fix the issue and the next cloud backup works.

The question I have, is that if the hub is aware the backup failed and the z-wave has crashed, why doesn't my rule to notify me of a z-wave crash get triggered? It is a simple rule that has never run even though my z-wave has crashed more than once.

I am currently running

Check your logs > Location Events and Hub Events, see if the crash is getting logged in there. Thats the only way it would trigger the rule.

In a backup failure the zwave actually hasn't crashed it just wasn't reactivated by the backup. If you want a rule to be run on its failure use the cloudBackup event as a trigger.


Is this a hub event and does it get triggered after a manual cloud backup as well? I use Node-RED for all logic (including notifications), so hoping I can plug this into my notification flows.

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There is a cloudBackup event created every time the backup runs (manual or scheduled).

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