Z-Wave: Can S0 be upgraded to S2?


Have been wondering if Z-Wave security is more than software, and if not, could potentially a S0 device be upgraded to S2 (if the vendor so chooses to allows)?

Any thoughts?

In most cases, yes a vendor could release new firmware that supports S2 - at least for a zwave plus device. After the firmware update a user would have to exclude/re-pair the device of course (you can't change security levels once paired).

It is a lot of work and cost on the firmware and testing side of things, so very unlikely, though.


Cool! Yeah, I get the unlikeliness of it, especially since S2 usually has a higher price tag, due to everything involved such as what you mention testing, developing etc.

And for most devices it really isn't (in the humble opinion of many of us) necessary.


And that sounds absolutely reasonable. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But if a patch to upgrade security of a device would be released, I guess I would be interested, pending on what type of device it is.

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