Z-wave, C-5 works, C-7 does not

I just received my first C-7. I updated it to I got this for the "better?" z-wave radio, I was planning on moving all my Z-Wave locks to C-7. My C-5 hub is running

Excluded lock on C-5. Included lock on C-7. Lock on C-7 never communicates beyond the add step. Can't get a status or send any code.

Exclude on C-7, Include on C-5, lock adds perfectly and I can control it. Seems like Z-Wave has a problem on C-7.

My C-5, while most of the time works, sometimes doesn't lock the lock when requested, even with Reliable Lock. I was hoping the C-7 would help with this problem, but my observation is that the Z-Wave is worse on the C-7 than the C-5.

Any other ideas? I thought about adding a Z-wave repeating device between the hub and the lock but what I really want for that is an Inovelli Red Dimmer, and those are out of stock.


Locks are notorious for including on low power as a poor man’s security “feature”.. That’s where the old advice comes from where they tell you to include the device close to the hub.

Yeah, I took it out and brought it right next to the hub in one of my attempts. No luck. I'm not really counting on it as a security feature, but I would like to be able to remotely unlock it for someone if needed or see the status on a dashboard. I have it locking when Night mode begins but that is just an experiment, I wait and lock it manually anyway.

One of my locks (both are Kwikset 912), wouldn't pair at all, so I sprung for the Zigbee module and now that one works great. I might have to spring for another Zigbee module.