Has anybody used the zuno boards with Hubitat? Are they compatible?

They are “compatible” but depending on how creative you get with it, you may need to create a custom driver fo whatever you build.

I want to create this:


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Yea.. You will need to create a driver.. But it should be really easy..

You will need to read the value and create an event.. This is an example that I threw together..

void zwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.sensormultilevelv11.SensorMultilevelReport cmd) {
    if (logEnable) log.debug "Sensor Multilevel Report - Sensor Type: ${cmd.sensorType}, Sensor Value: ${cmd.scaledSensorValue}, Scale: ${cmd.scale}"
    Map evt = [:]
    switch (cmd.sensorType) {
        case 20:  // 0x14 Multilevel Sensor Distance
            evt.unit = "M" // distance in the example code is sent in meters
            evt.name = "distance"
            evt.value = cmd.scaledSensorValue
            evt.descriptionText = "${device.displayName}: Distance is ${evt.value}${evt.unit}"

There isn't a capability existing for this so you would just need to add the attribute "distance" to the metadata of the driver.

And as an alternate, if you have wifi wherever you are putting the device, you could also just use a regular arduino/esp device instead of an Uno and bring it into Hubitat.

But for zwave Uno is the only way to go. Side note, the new Uno2 coming out will (supposedly) support Zwave LR in the future too. :+1:


OOO.. I wasn't aware of this one.. Exciting!

They announced it at MWC this week. If that part pans out, I will be very interested. I don't doubt it COULD do it technically, as it is a 700 series device, but the WHEN IT ACTUALLY CAN will be the TBD part.

And WHEN one will actually be able to buy the Uno2 with the vcurrent manufacturing crunch is another story, too.

Plus at ~$70 (assuming same price as old Uno 1) it isn't a cheap way to go... If they make a "module 7" I would be likely to buy a bunch of them though (those historically were only $25/ea). We'll see.