Yi Camera Support

I did not see any topics on this but I would love to see an option to tie in Yi brand cameras. The cameras a great and would be an asset to the overall system.

If anyone has gotten them working please let me know. Thank you!

It's a great camera but it doesn't have an API or any other way to talk to it unless you go with openIPC or fang hack.
I tested both the indoor, outdoor Yi cam and I find they are not up to par with the cheaper Wyze cam on features and connection. Wyze works every single time. Yi 50% of the time. They are all on the same network and location.
Wyze is Rich in features and you can use IFTTT with HE right now.

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Agree completely. I ordered both YI and Wyze and compared them head to head. The YI had a very nice image and good night vision, but failed to keep up with the Wyze in every other way.

Viewing cameras on the HE dashboard isn't supported by Hubitat yet, but there are ways to make it work. I don't use dashboard, but I'm sure some can comment on one of the ways to accomplish it. I think TinyCam is one of them.

Wyze upcoming Google Home Hub support is what I'm interested in. I'll be able to get input from a motion sensor (because the camera motion sensing it too sensitive to bugs and snow) and using Google Assistant Relay, as soon as it detects movement, it will be able to show me the Wyze cam without my having to utter a word as the command will be silently sent to Google Assistant.

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I have too many Yi to switch now so I hope this changes in the future

TinyCam or alternative firmware or both might be the way to go.

I was also uncomfortable with every word the YI would pickup and every image it captures going to a sever in China. Wyze changed this early on and their data goes to Amazon servers in the US.

Ultimately though, only local capture and storage via RTSP is guaranteed to be private when your system is properly secured.