Yet another Wink migrant

I just received my HE, this afternoon, and haven't added any of my 60 devices except for my thermostat.

I will do as much of the migration I can, tomorrow, but before I start I thought to ask if anybody who's gone through this knows if, as long as I keep all of my device names the same, I can just tell Echoes to discover- and Google to synchronize devices. The thought of redefining this set up in three separate places is overwhelming! I'm just hoping that Amazon and Google okay with underlying technology changing as long as the devices remain the same.

Incidentally, as much as I appreciated Wink when everything was still working, I'm a tech nerd, so I'm really looking forward to finally being able to customize everything the way I want.

Thanks in advance,
Jeff Broido,
Kingston, NY

Welcome to the Hubitat Community!

Your devices will need to be deleted from Echo and rediscovered because it's going to be a different Alexa skill and a different device manufacturer account under Google Assistant. Existing devices that were discovered under Wink will show up as unreachable.

Take your time when adding devices. You didn't have 60 devices to add at once when you bought the Wink I'm going to assume. So your Zigbee and Z-Wave mesh had time to build the tables and stabilize. Also, be sure to Exclude and Factory reset your Z-Wave devices. Be sure to reset your Zigbee devices (most of them that just means putting them into pairing mode, but a few do have a separate procedure for factory reset.


Welcome to Hubitat! I realize that it's overwhelming to migrate, but save yourself some hassle and set up hub connect. I ... think .. it works with wink? Hopefully someone will chime in and confirm that. Even if it doesn't you can run both hubs to achieve the same thing. Then you can take your time to migrate and set it up the way you want without feeling the pressure. Because you'll have to "forget" the things in Alexa and Google and load the correct skills, take the time to make sure that everything works before moving on. It's enticing to move everything all at once, but Rome wasn't built in a day, and you should start close to the hub and work out. Hub connect will make that easier for you. Consider not rushing your migration. When I migrated from smartthings two years ago, it took me 6 months to finally turn off smartthings. Never felt the transition because the hubs were connected. I was only more and more impressed because my HE setup became stable and blazing fast. So, good luck! Welcome to the rabbit hole. We'll see you on the other side.


Welcome Wink refugee. I think, after some time, you will be more than happy wink is gone. the capabilities here, are nothing short of amazing.
As said , take your time. You can leave wink running but I'd suggest making sure your zigbee channels are far apart on your wink & hubitat(stay away from ch26-lowest power for zigbee).
Center your hubitat in your home as much as possible & start building from the center out, utlizing repeaters as you expand your mesh.
PS- my daughter went to college near Kingston, at the universe's most liberal institution- Bard


That's awesome! There should be a topic where wink migrants can post.


Unfortunately Wink users don't have that option. HubConnect is Hubitat Elevation to Hubitat Elevation or Hubitat Elevation to SmartThings hubs. No Wink.

The only link that can be made between Wink and Hubitat Elevaiton devices that I'm aware of it via Homebridge, but if you're not already running Homebridge (and if you're not an iOS user), that's more work and money to setup than just moving your devices over.


I had wondered about that. So, basically I said "Here's the cake. Ope! Nope. Not for you. You had a wink." The positive thing is that you can still migrate slowly as long as your channels aren't overlapping. Thanks for clarifying @SmartHomePrimer


Thanks! I will try Hub Connect. Meanwhile, I am taking it slowly. I already have my kitchen (one Jasco Z-Wave motion sensor and seven Zigbee GE Link lamps) and upstairs hall (one Jasco Z-Wave motion sensor, one Dome Z-Wave motion sensor, one Zigbee GE Link lamp and two Zigbee Osram Lightify RGBW lamps), and that's all I'm going to do, today. I'm still having trouble getting the rules right, however. In the rules for the RGBW lamps, I set the color depending upon the time of day, but the color setting in the rules are being ignored. But I'll get there! Thanks again.


I'm on the West side of The Hudson, near where the Rondout- and Hudson rivers diverge, and could almost see Bard across the river from my roof.

I'll be fine doing this manually, and I'll learn the system whilst doing so. Thanks!

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Post those rules out there. You'll get help.


I will be doing so later this morning. The fact that this system grew from open source roots, the lack of consistency can seem overwhelming, but, happily, as I started my life in 1947, crawling around with a screwdriver, and wrote my first computer program in 1966, I'm not feeling overwhelmed. Thanks!