Yes, yet another Ceiling Fan automation help request

Sounds simple yet for some reason, I don't see the options to make this happen.

If the Ceiling fan speed is not OFF,
when time is 3:00 am, set fan speed to low
when the time is 5:00 am, set fan speed to OFF

That's it. Anyone? TIA!

I'd think you'd create a variable pointing at the attribute of the controller. Then based on that attribute do your thing

if(variable Fan-status(on)(f)(False)then
set (variable %fan-speed% to atribute x
exit rule

and set a restriction for time. (I'm only learning RM in earnest right now but I think that's how I'd do it) I'm sure someone will chime in with better examples than I

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Trigger by time - 3am

IF NOT(attribute fan-speed reports OFF)
    Set fan-speed: LOW
    Wait for event: (time - 5am)
    set fan-speed: OFF

Poof! And a better example appears...

I’m not sure this is better. A fan driver should have a switch attribute. Therefore, simply select
If SWITCH(Fan) is on

Of course, if you have a weird driver without the switch attribute, this doesn’t work.

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