Yeelight YLDP02YL RGB Bulb

Hi all.
I`m trying to get connect yeelight rgb bulb with Hubitat and i dont know how.
First I activate the yeelight app inside Hubitat, then get the bulb in yeelight mobile app in discover mode with lan option on...with no success.
Could anyone tell me a step guide how to pair it?
Thanks in advance!


No luck with this.

Look here:

No luck too...this is frustrating

You mean you can't find it in the Yeelight app? Or in the Hubitat Yeelight Integration? Because if you can't find it in the Yeelight app, then that has nothing to do with hubitat. Your bulb is most likely dead.

I can’t find the bulb in hubitat Yeelight integration app.
In Yeelight app (iPhone app) works like a charm

And you have enabled Lan Control and 3rd Party control? There are two options to be enabled in the Yeelight app for it to work.

Finally I have to change the server from Singapur to Germany (I’m in Spain) but Alexa Is using aparently Yeelight skill instead hubitat skill to activate this bulb