Yeelight / Motion Lighting help needed

cheers bud, will tool around and see what i can find out.

Then how is it possible that the lights are on but the group switch is off? It isn't. If you only ever control the group device, all 4 of the devices would match. Something has to be changing the lights individually.

Thats what im saying! lol.

To prove my point @Ryan780 - today I showed you a pic of the Group Dimmer Switch as off (hallway lights), but the 3 yeebulbs that make up the hallway as on.
Here are the 3 bulbs devices pages showing nothing else is controlling them BUT the group.

This is a group of a yeelight and a hue bulb.
Switch is off, hue is off, yeelights still on.
This group / one had not been acting up before.


Okay...what you have cannot be accurate. If the bulb is on a dashboard, that should also be showing up on the In Use By screen. But you just showed that it doesn't. So, how can you show that it's on a dashboard when it isn't in use by the dashboard app?

Also, stop going to the dashboard as the end-all-be-all of information. Go to the edit device page. Then you can see if the edit device page matches the dashboard and can determine if the problem is the device or the dashboard. Both of which might be the case. But what you are saying doesn't line up with the data that you are showing.

Hey @Ryan780

Wait... your individual bulbs show up "in use by" dashboard if they are on the dashboard ?
I dont know what to tell you man, I added the Group Dimmer Switch for "Hallway Lights" group to the dashboard, and then I have the individual bulbs as bulbs on the dashboard (so I can see the group and the parts that make up that group).

I dont need to go to the dashboard, I can see that one of the 2 lights are on in the bathroom with my eyes, THEN I got to the dashboard and can see the switch is off (group) but the light is still on (bulb).

The in-use-by screenshot was to show you the only thing controlling the individual bulbs is the group "hallway lights" (yeebulb 4,5 and 6) - as you suggested another automation might be controlling the individual bulbs - but thats not how I setup My automations.

I think whats more interesting is the "front bathroom lights" group where the hue light has received the command to turn off With the Group Dimmer Switch, but the yeelight has not / didnt turn off.

Was there an issue with the previous update with ML @bravenel / @mike.maxwell that could still be affecting my yeelights ?

I am currently having no issues with groups being turned on/off with modes (with groups that have yeelights), I am having issues with yeelights being turned on and off with Motion Lighting.

I have gone back and turned on "enable on/off optimization" for all groups that contain:

  1. A yeelight
  2. That are controlled by ML automations.

Not that I'm aware of.

All devices will show up if in-use by an app.

Dashboards are no different. So, if your lights are not showing up as "in-use-by" a dashboard but you think they are on a dashboard, I would double check what device you think you have listed. You might have extra virtual devices you forgot you created.

so to contradict that, here is Yeebulb 6, it is on my Lighting Dashboard as a dimmer and it is NOT listed on the "in use by" device page.

so have I done something wrong ??

And you saved that dashboard and clicked update on the edit device page? I've never seen a device in a dashboard not report that it is. But hey...stranger things have happened.

That is the reason I suggested you go to the edit device page to check. This might be the whole problem. The dashboard might be corrupted. If it is not listing the dashboard on the edit device page, the dashboard is likely not subscribed to events from the device and therefore won't update correctly.

That device, has been on that dashboard, for say... 6 months+

its not a new dashboard, not a new device.

The issue with the yeelights has been happening i'd say for the last week and ive made No changes to my system at all or new devices in my house (phone/microwave/fridge) nothing new.

I hear you, but i need you to read this one bit:
I see a light on, that should be off.
I check the dashboard, the dashboard tells me what I am seeing is correct (bulb on) but the dashboard is also showing me the Group Dimmer Switch is off. So the bulb (yeelight) should be off.

The Dashboard can't be corrupt, its showing me what im seeing, there is no error. The error is when the ML rule sends the command "sometimes" to turn off a yeelight, the yeelight Doesnt turn off.

If I toggle the Group Dimmer Switch from the dashboard, I can get the yeelight to turn off without fail.

And from what I witnessed last night (below post link), a group where it has 1 yeelight and 1 hue light, the hue got the message, and the yeelight didnt.

And I have no idea where to go from here, thus the thread.

Off is off is off. Whether that be from a dimmer, a group command or a ML command. There is nothing special about the way one would issue the off than another. it's the device driver that would be controlling the message to the device. Not ML or Groups or even a dashboard.

Since this a community driver, I would recommend you contact the developer that built it. This is likely an issue with the way the driver is issuing the command or updating hubitat on the status. For example, if the driver is issuing the "off" event before the bulb is actually turned off, the command may not be actually issued to the light. A deeper dive into the driver would be necessary.

Also, I cannot think of any reason why the dashboard the device is assigned to is not showing up on the "in-use-by". That is EXTREMELY odd. Did the IP address of the bulb change at any point? I would go back in an make sure the bulb is still selected in the dashboard app and that there arent mysteriously two of them.

its @mike.maxwell yeelight driver, no community driver here.

Then Mike would have to look at it because no one else would have access to it. But what you are reporting doesn't really make any sense. Sorry.

Happy to answer any questions to make it clearer.

No...what i mean is that it doesn't make sense that the device doesn't show up as in use by the dashboard. Have you tried putting the bulb into the ML without the group device?

Since this is also tied in with the Yeelights app...that might be part of it but I can't imagine why. Again, mike is the only one who'd be able to answer that question. No one else has access to the code.

I can try that, last night I added the "optimisation" to all of the yeelight groups that have ML rules.
I will give that a day or two (or until frustration bubbles over) - then I will try moving it from groups to bulbs.

its also not isolated to a single yeelight bulb. I am having this issue now with over 80% of my yeelights on different nights. Random rooms that have had motion minutes ago with bulbs still on but with Group Dimmer Switches off.