Yeelight discovering devices but not adding them

Hi - I am having trouble learning how to control the Yeelight integration. I have done the whole LAN thing and the integration does discover the devices, but they do not appear under the integration after I discover them and press "Done". Hopefully, I'm just missing something as I'm a brand new inHubitant here but I'm thinking that according to my other apps/integrations that I should see each individual bulb listed under the integration in the Apps window.

TL:DR - I have six Yeelight bulbs that are discovered but not added under Yeelight Integration in apps view. Their device IDs do appear in the Yeelight Integration app settings under "selectedYeelights"

Do they show up on the Devices page?

Hi - thank you for the quick response!

No, they do not. Also - since my original post, I've rebooted both my router and hubitat, I've tried resetting one of the bulbs, deleting, and re-adding the bulb to the Yeelight app and also deleting/re-adding/rediscovering the Yeelight integration in HE Apps. This leads to the same behavior, the bulbs MAC appears in Yeelight Integration settings under "selectedYeelights" but nothing appears under the integration in Apps and no new devices are added in Devices.

Tagging @mike.maxwell - any suggestions?

Hi @aaiyar - thank you for the quick responses and escalation.

After some continued troubleshooting, it appears that Hubitat firmware could've been the issue. Updating to latest seems to have fixed and I'm now seeing them in devices after resetting each bulb, re-adding to Yeelight, and rediscovering in the integration.

I've confirmed with 2/6 bulbs but am going to bed now. We can consider this resolved. Sorry if I missed like step 1 of being a Hubitat user is to update the firmware. :sweat_smile:

Thanks again!

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