Yeelight Color Bulb Setting based on Mode

I'd like to set my Yeelight bulb to a specific color to notify the success of failure of arming HSM through Mode Manager. This bulb happens to also be on a Lutron switch.

I was trying do this using rule manager, but not with the best of luck. I have bulbs I want to use for Arming Status in a group.

Turn on Arming Light Group
Set Color to Red or Green or Purple > delay 2 sec o allow light to turn on
Set color back to soft white>delay 5 sec
Turn off arming light group

Color code is as such
Red - if arming alerts is trigger and arming fails
Green - if delay arming status is set to away
purple - arming night mode

I have a rule for each status of HSM arming away, HSM arming night, HSM arming reset if alerts triggered

my rule was turning light on and turning off, but setting the color wasn't happening. I can control from yeelight phone app, but I must be doing something wrong.

I think, but am not sure, that is has to do with the lutron wall switch. When the switch is off, the bulb shows as offline in the app. When turning the switch on, it takes a few moments to register online, which then would be why it won't change the color.

So if this is indeed the issue, how do others use color bulbs with light switches in similar conditions for automation?