Yeelight Bedside Lamp

hey guys,

Just got my hubitat, and am trying to figure out how to add devices that aren't natively supported. Sorry if it should be pretty obvious; I went through the xiaomi and yeelight thread, and still can't seem to figure it out.

I have a wifi version of the Xiaomi Yeelight bedside lamp (

When I go through the yeelight app to find devices, it finds my bulbs pretty quickly, then eventually it sees the lamp. I can add it, but I don't see it in devices afterwards.

This is the error code it gives me

 [app:6]( 05:25:06.623 pm [warn]( to add model [bslamp1], we don't know what this device's capabilities are...

[app:6]( 05:25:06.584 pm [debug]( with settings: [selectedYeelights:[7C49EB2922CE, 04CF8C9736EB, 04CF8C971861]]

Since the lamp functions pretty much the same as the bulbs, is there any way I could some how tell hubitat to just treat it like one of the yeelight color bulbs?

What are this lamps color capabilities?
We have none, ie it's just a dimable bulb.
We have color temperature and rgb.
There is also rgbw, which is all of the above.

It would be an RGBW

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Any update, guys? I'm also have this lamp, and can't control it with my hubitat.

bslamp1 was added in platform 2.0.6

Is this model you're having issues with?

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No, my lamp is Beside Light 2

I'll add that one.

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Thank you!

I have this Xiaomi bedside lamp and it works perfectly with hubitat. I just activated "Lan control" in Yeelight app and then used the Yeelight Integration in hubitat, and the device was added

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Any chance to add this yeelight color bulb? I get the "unable to add model [color6], we dont know what this devices capabilities are..." message.

Come through this old post by searching how to add Bedside Light 2 the same model MJCTD02YL.

All the other yeelight I bought works with yeelight integration app, but this bedside lamp cant be found, I'm on with C7